Everything you see and on this website is MADE BY HAND.  

Each guitar/neck/body is made to YOUR specifications to be exactly what YOU want.

They are not kits or aftermarket components painted and stuck together (like most places do). 

All aftermarket standard sizes have a margin of error.



Good sounding guitars are all about vibration transfer.

Everything has to work together or it doesn't sound good. 

A tight neck/body joint is where this all starts.

If you take the neck bolts out of your guitar and the neck falls off,

it simply doesn't fit.


All the pictures on this site are just examples of some of the stuff I've already built.

I don't build a bunch and then sell like a store, I custom build YOUR guitar so it's exactly what YOU want.

If you don't see the style you like in the examples, it doesn't mean I can't make it.

Whatever you can think up, I can build it.



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